Life Enriched

When you purchase at Henley Brook Private Estate by Mirvac, you won’t just be buying a block of land. You’ll be buying a way of life. A life where you’ll feel more connected to the world around you. Where time seems to pass more slowly, and everything feels more pleasant. That is the power of thoughtful design and a singular vision.

At Henley Brook by Mirvac, care has been infused into every detail. Every decision has been made with you in mind. To make your life easier, more fulfilling and more enjoyable. To ensure you’re surrounded by beauty and craftsmanship. To meet the needs of your family, now and in the future. But most importantly, to enrich the lives of everyone who lives here.


New Release 

Second release now selling. Blocks range in size from 356sqm – 461sqm.  


Parks & Playgrounds 

Three landscaped parks and playgrounds across 6.9 hectares of open space.


First Home Buyer Hub

Visit Mirvac's first home buyer hub featuring step-by-step guides. 



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